HEMOX Analyzer Specifications

ACCURACY P50: + 1 mm Hg at controlled pH of 7.40 +.01 and a temperature of 37.0°C

SAMPLE SIZE: Selectable from 5 to 50 microliters of whole blood or hemolysate.

PLOTTING TIME: 30 minutes or less for a complete dissociation or association curve.

PHOTOMETRIC SYSTEM: Dual Wavelength Photometer, split beam type, dual photomultiplier detector with log/ratio converter for linear concentration read out, PC-Board circuitry, front panel controls.

p02 METER: The CLARK Electrode system has a digital readout meter with 0.1 mm Hg readability.

GAS-SYSTEM: Multi Gas System for use with commercial air and nitrogen tanks, featuring one 2 way and one 3 way solenoid selector valves for gas selection by front panel control.

SAMPLE SYSTEM: Built in Pressure-Vacuum Pump for sample filling and flushing of the cuvette, controls located on front panel.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Electric cuvette heating system for operation at 37°C, precision proportional temperature controller with thermistor control, digital temperature read out of sample chamber temperature with accuracy of 0.2°C.


24 in. wide 16 in. deep, 9 in. high
60 cm wide 40 cm deep, 23 cm high
Weight: 66 Ibs., 30 kg

TCS reserves the right to change specifications without notice.