Hemox Analytical Software

The Software

The Hemox Analytical Software (HAS) is a newly developed product by TCS Scientific Corporation. This product offering will directly interface a PC to the Hemox Analyzer utilizing the same output cables currently connecting the Hemox Analyzer to the X-Y Chart Recorder. The software collects real time data points using an A/D Data Acquisition Module (DAQ). The DAQ comes as part of the product. The HAS reads the data points captured via the DAQ and plots the Oxygen Equilibrium Curve in both oxy and deoxy state. The estimate p50, PO2, S1/S2 (logPO2), and Temperature (temperature points are collected only with the newest model of the Hemox Analyzer) are displayed in real-time. When the test run has completed the estimated p50 will do a regression analysis to calculate the actual p50. The user has the option of viewing numerous other results such as the Hill Plot and Hill Derivative Curve. Convergence of Adair constants and a data table with p0 through p100 is also viewable. The user can set the cooperativity range with a preference section and can also choose how to smooth the curve fitting process. They can also choose linear or logarithmic modes along with overall or stepwise processing.

The realtime plot of the Oxygen Equilibrium Curve can be collected from both the de-oxygenation state and the oxygenation state. The user can start/stop data capture manually or programatically via starting and ending PO2 (pressure points).


System Requirements

* IBM Compatible PC Tower, Desktop or Laptop.- Pentiem 1 at 233MHz or better
* VGA or better Video Card - 800 x 600 resolution
* Windows 98 Sec. Edition, MS2000, ME or XP running at a minimum of 32 Meg of RAM
* Windows NT 4.0 Workstation running at minimum of 32 Meg of RAM
* An available USB port for the A/D Data Acquisition Module.
* Hard Drive - 20 Meg for installation and runtime software. Data collection storage is dependent on the preferences and run times of the individual user. It is recommended that during software execution that the data be stored on the hard drive, then moved to floppy or other storage device if that is the preference of the customer.
* The software is delivered on CD. .

Product Price


Item Number: HAS-200